Published: Sunday 18 December, 2016

Final Miss World 2016 Favorites / Predictions Show Catriona on Top

Who will win Miss World 2016? The final predictions on the winner are in and it shows Miss Philippines Catriona Gray as the top choice.

Miss World 2016 prediction

Miss World 2016 prediction. (PHOTO: Missosology)

With just hours before the finals of Miss World 2016, beauty pageant experts Missosology and Global Beauties have posted their predictions. And it looks like they agree that several contestants are the strongest bets this year.

One of these is Miss Philippines Catriona Gray. She has been creating a lot of buzz ever since the pageant began in Washington, DC two weeks ago and has sustained this until finals night. A strong candidate in several preliminary Challenge competitions, Catriona has emerged as the top favorite this year.

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“The Asian continent is poised to be the strongest continent in the pageant. Of course, the highest placed candidate in our prediction, Miss Philippines Catriona Gray, is Asian and while her victory is far from being 100% sure, there are signs all over the heavens. First and foremost, is that she won the Multimedia contest which automatically gives her a Top 20 place. Then, she is one of the Top 5 in the Beauty with a Purpose contest and landed 2nd at the Talent Competition. This elegant lady is simply unstoppable!” wrote Missosology.

Aside from Miss Philippines, also emerging favorites from Missosology and Global Beauties’ list are Miss Dominican Republic and Miss Mongolia.

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What do you think? Of course, these predictions should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything can happen on finals night. The judges’ preference may be different. But, as it is right now, these girls have the best chance to win Miss World 2016.

Miss World 2016 Prediction

(PHOTO: Missosology)

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