Published: Monday 04 June, 2018

Francis M’s Son, Frank Magalona, Arrested & Charged of Unjust Vexation

Frank Magalona has been arrested in Taguig City. Magalona, son of the late Francis M and brother to Elmo and Maxene Magalona, was arrested a woman complained that he pinched her butt.

Frank Magalona unjust vexation

Frank Magalona charged with unjust vexation before the Taguig Prosecutor’s Office. (Instagram/Frank Magalona)

According to the Southern Police District, a VIP host at Revel Bar filed the complaint against Magalona. The woman, whose identity has been withheld, said she was trying to get a drink from the bar in the early hours of monday when someone approached her from behind and pinch her buttocks. When she looked back, she saw it was Frank Magalona.

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The woman immediately informed her manager and the club’s bouncer about the incident and the police were notified. Magalona was then arrested.

No mention from the police if Frank was intoxicated at the time. (Was he even tested? Isn’t this supposed to be mandatory in such incidents?)

Frank was charged with unjust vexation before the Taguig Prosecutor’s Office on Monday but the fiscal has since ordered his temporary release pending further investigation.

The Magalona camp has been mum on the issue so far.