Published: Tuesday 15 May, 2018

Fueling Breakup Rumors, Cristine Reyes Unfollows Husband Ali Khatibi

Breakup rumors have been hounding Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi since March. Now, more fuel have been added to fire after Cristine apparently unfollowed Ali Khatibi on Instagram. Is really really a breakup or just a ‘rough patch’?

Cristine Reyes unfollows Ali Khatibi

Cristine Reyes, Ali Khatibi and their daughter Amarah. (Instagram/NicePrint)

Followers started noticing that Cristine and Ali stopped posting posting photos together since March 2018. And neither mentioned each other in posts as well. Soon, speculation erupted that something was wrong.

An interview with Ara Mina, Cristine’s sister, didn’t help either. While she did not confirm nor deny the breakup, Ara said it is just normal in a relationship to have misunderstandings (Salamat sa confirmation that there really is something amiss!). 

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On Monday, followers noted that Cristine stopped following Ali, the the latter was still following his wife.

Cristine reyes unfollows Ali Khatibi

Maybe, it really is still a misunderstanding and not a full-blown breakup. After all, Cristine Reyes is still using the username ‘mrscristinekhatibi’.

Cristine reyes unfollows Ali Khatibi