Published: Friday 17 August, 2018

FULL LIST Cancelled Flights at NAIA August 17 Due to Chinese Plane Mishap

NAIA cancelled flights

A Xiamen Airlines accident caused dozens of diverted, delayed and cancelled flights at NAIA. (Twitter/DZRH News)

Cancelled Flights Cebu Pacific, PAL, Other Airlines – Dozens of flights have been canceled at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) today August 17. Flights of Cebu Pacific, PAL and other airlines are affected after a Chinese plane accident.

A Xiamen Airlines plane remains lodged on the soft soil and blocking the international runway of NAIA after it skidded off the tarmac upon landing on Thursday night. The Chinese plane went off the international runway amid heavy downpour.

According to airport officials, the NAIA international runway will remain closed until at least 12 noon of Friday. Engineers will try to lift the Xiamen Airlines plane from the soft soil caused by continuous heavy rainfall overnight.

UPDATE: NAIA runway will be closed until 4 PM!

Passengers with flights today are advised NOT TO GO to NAIA without checking the cancelled or delayed flights list first to avoid congestion at the airprot.

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Cancelled Flights NAIA August 17

Cebu Pacific Airlines

5J 272 MNL- Hong Kong 0600H
5J 273 Hong Kong – MNL 1200H
5J 5054 MN – Hong Kong 0615H
5J 5055 NARITA – MNL 1720H
5J 929 MNL-BANGKOK 0615H
5J 930 Bangkok – MNL 1445H
5J 110 MNL-Hong Kong 0735H
5J 111 Hong Kong- MNL 1400H

Philippine Airlines

PR 453 MNL-GES 0715H
PR 454 GES-MNL 1215H
PR 1845 MNL-CEB 0655H
PR 1846 CEB-MNL 1010H
PR 432 MNL-TOKYO 1440H

Cathay Pacific

CX 908 MNL-Hong Kong 0600H
CX 912 MNL – Hong Kong 0825H
CX 907 Hong Kong – MNL 0940H
CX 906 MNL- Hong Kong 1050H
CX 901 Hong Kong – MNL 1125H
CX 900 MNL – Hong Kong 1235H

Etihad Airlines
EY 421 Manila – Abu Dhabi 2336H

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Saudia Airlines
SV 871 Manila – Jeddah 1810H

Hongkong Airlines
HX 781 Hong Kong- Manila 2300H

Diverted Flights to Clark International

Cebu Pacific
5J 804 Singapore-Manila
5J 187 Incheon-Manila

Philippine Airlines
PR 103 Los Angeles – Manila
PR 115 San Francisco – Manila
PR 119 Toronto – Manila


UPDATE: Latest List of Diverted / Cancelled Flights

CANCELLED: Cebu Pacific

5J 272 Manila-Hong Kong
5J 929 Manila-Bangkok
5J 5054 Manila-Narita
5J 110 Manila-Hong Kong
5J 273 Hong Kong-Manila
5J 930 Bangkok-Manila
5J 5055 Narita-Manila
5J 111 Hong Kong-Manila
5J 805 Manila-Singapore
5J 806 Singapore-Manila

CANCELLED: Philippine Airlines

PR1845/1846 Manila-Cebu-Manila
PR453/454 Manila-GenSan-Manila
PR432 Manila-Narita


5J 804 Singapore-Manila
5J 187 Incheon-Manila

PR1466/16AUG Manila-Incheon
PR467 Incheon-Manila
PR218/16AUG Manila-Auckland
PR219 Auckland-Manila
PR662/663 Manila-Jeddah-Manila
PR682/683 Manila-Dammam-Manila
PR336/337 Manila-Pudong
PR730/731 Manila-Bangkok-Manila
PR422/421 Manila-Haneda-Manila
PR507/508 Manila-Singapore-Manila
PR318/319 Manilz-Hongkong-Manila
PR112 Manila-Los Angeles
PR300/301 Manila-Hongkong-Manila
PR658/659 Manila-Dubai-Manila


Keep updated with developments at NAIA and flight schedules. Refresh this page.

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