Published: Saturday 07 July, 2018

Gary Valenciano Cured of Kidney Cancer? ‘I’ve been cleared of the the big C’

A day after news broke out about Gary Valenciano’s battle with cancer, the singer assured fans that he is okay. Gary then told a friend he is ‘cleared’ of kidney cancer!

Gary Valenciano cured

“I’ve been cleared of the Big C!” says Gary Valenciano. (Manila Times file photo)

Gary Valenciano and his battle with kidney cancer became a trending topic on Friday after the teaser for his rated K interview came out. In it, Valenciano revealed that doctors diagnosed him with cancer after finding the disease during his emergency heart surgery a few weeks back.

But in a message to fans, ‘Mr. Pure Energy’ assured them that he is ok and they should just watch his Rated K interview to find out.

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It seems Gary did not want to pre-empt the interview and reveal more than he should.

However, in reply to actress Miles Ocampo’s message of concern, Valenciano said he is cleared of cancer!

“I’m already much better today than yesterday. I’ve been cleared of the big C. I’m ok Miles!!!”

Wow, God is really good!

UPDATE: On Rated K earlier tonight, Gary V revealed that he is free of kidney cancer! This after doctors removed the malignant tumor on his kidney during a surgery performed last June 13.

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Gary added that he no longer has to undergo chemotherapy because the tumor has been removed and the cancer has not spread.