Published: Friday 20 July, 2018

Gilas Coach Chot Reyes Denies FIBA Accusation of ‘Inciting Unsportmanlike Behavior’

Gilas Pilipinas coach, Chot Reyes, has issued a statement regarding FIBA’s decision. In particular, Reyes points out that it is not true that he incited Gilas players to hit Australia’s players that led to the infamous brawl.

Chot Reyes FIBA suspension

Chot Reyes said he has never incited unsportsmanlike behavior in his 20 years as a coach. (Rappler)

FIBA handed down its decision on the Philippines vs Australia brawl earlier this month. It suspended 13 players – 10 from Gilas and 3 from Australia, as well as referees and coaches.

One of the coaches suspended was Chot Reyes. Aside from the one-game suspension, Reyes was fined 10,000 Swiss Francs (more than half a million pesos) for his role in the brawl, particularly citing Reyes for ‘inciting unsportsmanlike behavior’.

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FIBA was referring to Reyes’ ‘hit somebody’ order on his players during the huddle which the coach said was misinterpreted. Reyes, in previous interviews, said he was talking a bout fouling an Australian player and not literally hitting someone.

In his statement, Chot Reyes again vehemently denied the accusation. While he respects the FIBA sanctions, Reyes said he has never done such a thing in his 20 years as a coach.

“I have never given instructions to hurt nor incite unsportsmanlike behavior, and in my 20 years as head coach in the PBA and seven years at the helm of Gilas, I have never been involved in any such incident.”