Published: Tuesday 21 November, 2017

Goodbye SMART & Globe? Duterte Asks China to End PH Telecom Duopoly

Will Pinoy subscribers ditch SMART & Globe once China enters the Philippine telecom industry? That’s the scenario the two telecoms are facing after President Rodrigo Duterte asked China to be the third telecom operator in the country.

Globe Smart duopoly

China asked to end Globe SMART telecom duopoly in the Philippines!

Duterte is serious in breaking the Philippines’ telecom duopoly as he and many Filipinos have seen very little improvement in service the past year. This even after Duterte warned PLDT/Smart and Globe Telecom to shape up of face stiffer competition.

The Philippines’ internet service is currently ranked among Asia’s slowest, and most expensive. In fact, even Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma spoke about this during his recent trip to Manila. Ma noted that he tried the country’s data service and it sucked!

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Now, that is nearing it’s end. Presidential spokesman Atty. Harry Roque announced that President Duterte has asked China to enter the market and end the telecom duopoly in the Philippines.

“The good news is consumers can look forward now to better telecommunications, not just in terms of cellular technology, but also in terms of internet speed, as well as access,” said Roque during a briefing Monday.

“The announcement is that telecoms duopoly is about to end.”

Can’t  wait for this to happen!