Published: Saturday 22 July, 2017

LOOK Alleged Hashtags Tom Doromal Scandal Photos Showing His Manhood

A new celebrity photo scandal has emerged – allegedly another Hashtags member! Tom Doromal scandal photos surfaced last night. The pictures show a person who looks like Tom Doromal in two poses – a close-up of his face and a close-up of his hand holding his manhood!

Tom Doromal scandal pictures

Tom Doromal scandal photos are latest of th Hashtags’ to surface. (Facebook/Tom Doromal)

Is it real? Is it really Tom Doromal? Well, the close-up photo of his face really looks like him. However, it’s hard to say in the other picture. With no full shot of his whole body and face, it is difficult to conclude that the manhood shot is really him.

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This is the fourth alleged Hashtags scandal. First, it was Ronnie Alonte followed by Ryle Paolo Tan. Then, a series of photos allegedly of Luke Conde emerged.

Who’s next?

Tom Doromal scandal

This looks like Tom Doromal.

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