Published: Friday 13 July, 2018

LOOK Domestic Helper Seen Cleaning 24th Floor Window of Employer w/o Harness

An alarming photo of a domestic worker in Hong Kong cleaning her employer’s window is now going viral. The female domestic helper is seen standing on the 24th floor ledge as she cleans the window.

domestic helper cleaning window

The domestic worker is said to clean the 24th floor window EVERYDAY. (Facebook photo)

The photo was posted by overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Rochen Monte on her Facebook page. Monte says she sees the domestic helper cleaning the window everyday, and even during bad weather.

“diosko 24floor..kawawa naman xa araw araw ko nkikita nglilinis ng bintana…lalabas pa tlaga ng bintana..😢😢😢 … samantalang ako once a week lng mglinis,” wrote OFW Rochen Monte, who also posted their building’s address in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

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Monte fears for the woman’s safety because she cleans the window daily without any safety harness. The OFW added that, although she does the same chore weekly, she does it inside because their apartment has window grilles.

“videohan ko bukas pag maabutan ko ulit nglilinis..para clear..ganyan kc everyday kaht masama ang panahon at uulan nglilinis lagi yan. natakot kc ako videohan o picturan pero dko na matiis knina na panoorin xa, nglilinis ako bintana pero loob lng ako at my rehas bintana namin..,” Monte wrote.

Perhaps the reason why Rochel Monte was alarmed by what she saw was not only because of safety issues but legal issues as well. Hong Kong has imposed a ban on domestic workers cleaning their employers’ windows.

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Under the ban, which was imposed in 2016, domestic helpers are prohibited from cleaning windows above the ground floor.

The domestic helper in the photo is Indonesian and not Filipino, said one OFW who posted a comment on Monte’s photo.

“24 floor ako, katapat ko yan..indonesian yan..everyday nkikita ko nglilinis pagkagising ko ng umaga at mgbubukas ako ng bintana ko..”