Published: Monday 07 May, 2018

WATCH Horrifying Video Shows Cars Swept by Flash Flood in Ankara, Turkey

More than a hundred cars were swept away by flash floods in Ankara, Turkey. A video shows drivers trying to stay alive by climbing on the hood of cars as the flood rages down the street. 

Ankara Turkey flash flood

A man trying to survive the flash flood in Ankara, Turkey on top of his car’s bonnet. (EuroNews)

More than a hundred cars have been damaged by the flash flood. Six people have been reported injured and, fortunately, there has been no deaths, according to state-run Anadolu news agency. The flash flood in the Ankara, the Turkish capital, was caused by torrential downpour.

Although heavy rain that would last three hours was forecast for Saturday, it actually came down in just NINE minutes, according to a report by Al Jazeera, thus causing the flash flood.

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The labor and social security minister confirmed that six people have been injured. More than 160 cars and 25 businesses have been damaged.

Dramatic video posted on line and broadcast in the news showed dozens of cars, vans and small trucks being swept away by raging waters. One man can be seen on top of a car’s bonnet. Another man escaped by jumping out of the driver’s side window.