Published: Tuesday 05 June, 2018

How Jeron Teng’s 3 Stab Wounds Missed 3 Vital Organs; Frustrated Homicide Filed

Basketball star Jeron Teng is lucky to be alive! The stab wounds inflicted on him by his assailant(s) were meant to kill him. In fact, all three barely missed Teng’s vital organs!

Jeron Teng stab wounds

Deadly stab wounds almost killed Jeron Teng. (Facebook photo/Alaska Aces)

Jeron Teng continues to recover in hospital at St. Luke’s Medical Center Taguig City. It was there where he and Norbert Torres and Thomas Torres were rushed early Sunday morning after being stabbed following a brawl outside Early Night Club.

According to older brother Jeric, Jeron had to undergo surgery TWICE to treat his ‘deep cuts’ which missed vital organs.

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“‘Yun ang kinakatakot ko, baka may lingering effect ‘yung mga saksak sa kaniya. Hopefully not,” Jeric Teng told reporters at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

In a Twitter post, sports journalist Quinito Henson detailed the extent of Jeron’s injuries. According to Henson, one stab wound missed his heart, another missed his lung, while the third missed Jeron’s kidney! 

“God saved Jeron Thomas Norbert yesterday-Jeron had 3 stab wounds-1 in back missed lung, 1 in side missed heart, 1 also in side missed kidney-no movement in 4 wks then rehab-Thomas out 4-6 wks then rehab for wounds in both arms-Norbert cut left arm-thank you Lord for protection.”

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Quinito Henson Jeron teng

Meanwhile, frustrated homicide charges have been filed against the two suspects. Teng’s lawyer, Atty. Howard Calleja, confirmed to GMA News that the Philippine National Police (PNP) filed frustrated homicide complaint against suspects Edmar Manalo and Willard Basili.

Manalo and Basili remain in the custody of Taguig City police.