Published: Wednesday 13 December, 2017

Hungry Hypermarket Employee Arrested for Stealing Corned Beef Worth P31.50

For P31.50, a 21-year old hypermarket employee may spend Christmas in jail. Paul Matthew Tanglao is in jail for stealing a can of corned beef from the hypermarket he worked for.

hypermarket employee corned beef qualified theft

Because of stealing a can of corned beef, a hypermarket employee may spend Christmas in jail. (Image source

According to news reports, a security guard at the hypermarket warehouse where Tanglao worked found the can of corned beef under his apron. The guard immediately notified his superiors of this and the management of the hypermarket was told of the findings last Sunday at around 5:40 PM.

A case of qualified theft was filed against the hypermarket employee, who admitted stealing the can of corned beef because he was hungry. Because of this, he may spend several years in jail all because of P31.50.

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Tanglao is presently detained at the Sta. Ana police station. According to the Inquirer, police officers refused to identify the hypermarket that Paul Matthew worked for but confirmed it is part of “one of the largest mall chains in the country.”

Police at the station also revealed that they tried to dissuade the management of the hypermarket to file charges against Tanglao but these fell on deaf ears.

Ever since the news of Paul Matthew Tanglao’s case broke out, netizens have been divided on the issue. One side called the hypermarket management heartless for jailing the employee for a measly P31.50. But others said Tanglao broke the law and he must face the consequences.

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