Published: Saturday 21 July, 2018

IN PHOTOS Victor Magtanggol Behind the Scenes Pics Taken Abroad

As the premier of Victor Magtanggol nears, GMA Network has released a number of photos from its taping abroad. Along with Alden Richards, other members of the Victor Magtanggol cast such as Janine Gutierrez and Coney Reyes can be seen in the photos.

Alden Richards Victor Magtanggol

Alden Richards in a behind the scenes shot from Victor Magtanggol. (GMA Network)

According to reports, filming of Victor Magtanggol scenes abroad would take nine to ten days. It is still unclear why taping abroad in necessary but we will soon find out when the series premiers on July 30.

Inspired by Norse mythology, the story happens thousands of years after Ragnarok, the great battle where many of the Norse gods perished, including Thor. But after Thor’s death, his hammer was left behind until someone worthy was able to ‘inherit’ it. he is Victor Magtanggol.

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Victor Magtanggol behind the scenes

Alden Coney Victor Magtanggol