Published: Friday 28 September, 2018

WATCH Tsunami Hits Indonesia After 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Near Sulawesi

Indonesia tsunami earthquake

The tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia caught on video. (Twitter/David Lipson))

A tsunami in Indonesia has been caught on video. The tsunami struck Palu in Sulawesi after a a strong 7.7 magnitude earthquake near Sulawesi Friday afternoon. A tsunami warning was earlier announced but Indonesian authorities lifted it later. The tsunami struck after the warning was lifted.

Video shows people screaming in panic as the big wave, estimated to be around two meters high, struck the coastal town of Palu. The tsunami roared as it approached and it is then seen wiping out coastal structures as as it struck. The video was recorded from a tall structure where people have taken refuge.

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A later portion of the video shows the tsunami moving further inland into Palu as it flooded streets and damaged more buildings.

According to the BBC, initial reports put the death toll at five.

The 7.7 magnitude earthquake (7.5 according to the USGS) struck at around 5:02 PM Jakarta time, said The Jakarta Post. The earthquake struck after a 6.0 tremor rocked the same area hours earlier Friday.

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