Published: Thursday 05 July, 2018

INQUIRER Official Statement on Pepsi Paloma Articles: ‘Not a Question of Press Freedom’

After receiving flak for taking down articles about Pepsi Paloma, the INQUIRER issued an official statement today. The publication said its decision was ‘not a question of press freedom but the veracity of the story.’

Inquirer Pepsi Paloma defends its decision to temporarily take down Pepsi Paloma articles. (Inquirer logo/YouTube)

Inquirer’s news site, took down articles about Pepsi Paloma upon the request of Sen. Tito Sotto. Starting Wednesday, access to the articles written by contributing writer ;Atty. Rodel Rodis have been redirected to a page where it says the articles are under review.

The Pepsi Paloma articles in question are as follows:

According to Sotto’s request to, which was leaked by Rodis last month, the “unverified articles have been negatively affecting my reputation for the longest time.”

On Thursday, released an official statement defending its decision. The online news site said that the articles have been temporarily taken down pending a review of the veracity of some of its contents.

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The statement also reiterates that taking down the articles is ‘not a question of press freedom but the veracity of the story.’

Read the full statement of below: management has decided to temporarily make the opinion pieces on the Pepsi Paloma case unavailable on the site pending a review of the allegations made there by US-based writer Atty. Rodel Rodis, who is not an employee of but who has been contributing opinion pieces to us once a month.

Sen. Vicente Sotto III, in a letter to on May 29, 2018, made a formal request for the pieces to be taken down, claiming they were unverified and “have been negatively affecting my reputation for the longest time.” The opinion pieces had been posted on the site since March 2014.

Like what we do to similar requests on stories posted on our site, we asked Atty. Rodis to substantiate some of the allegations he made on his contributed pieces through an email we sent to him on June 23, 2018. Up to now, we haven’t received any reply from him.

In making this decision, we are adhering to journalism’s core values of accuracy, fairness, balance, integrity and responsibility. Any doubt or question on the veracity of its articles are taken seriously and dealt with properly in accordance with our values and principles. We do this on all stories, features, and opinion pieces.

We believe this is not a question of press freedom but the veracity of a story. We thank the public for your concern. Rest assured that remains to uphold what is true and fair without compromising our values.

Abelardo S. Ulanday, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief,