Published: Tuesday 14 August, 2018

LOOK Is this Miss Universe 2018 Candidate Copying Catriona Gray’s Style?

Miss Vietnam copying Catriona

Copycat? Miss Vietnam sporting the same look, including ear cuff, as Catriona Gray. (Instagram)

A copycat of Cat? The moment photos of Miss Universe Vietnam emerged online showing her with long hair, a gold gown and an ear cuff, one thing entered many Pinoys’ minds – it looks like she is copying Catriona Gray!

Comments online are almost unanimous! Whether Miss Vietnam H’Hen Niê is doing it on purpose or not, that look belongs to Catriona Gray and anyone who sports the same style, especially the ear cuff, in Miss Universe 2018 will look like a copycat!

But Catriona nor her fans should not be offended. Rather, they should take it as a compliment. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Catriona Gray Miss Vietnam

Catriona Gray vs Miss Vietnam.

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