Published: Wednesday 21 December, 2016

James Taylor Cancels Manila Concert in 2017 Due to Extra-Judicial Killings

The concert of James Taylor in Manila next year has been cancelled. The singer himself cancelled the concert and posted his reason on his official social media account.

James taylor concert

The James Taylor concert in Manila is cancelled. (PHOTO:

The James Taylor concert is Manila was scheduled on February 25, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena. The concert’s Philippine producer confirmed the cancellation on its Facebook page.

According to Taylor, he is cancelling his manila show over the extra-judicial killings in the Philippines. The singer said he is making a stand on the issue because reports about the spate of drug-related deaths are ‘deeply concerning and unacceptable’.

Taylor said he was looking forward to his show in Manila, which was part of ‘Before This World’ tour. Aside from the Philippines, James Taylor concerts are also scheduled in other Asian cities like Hong Kong and Singapore. There are also shows in Australia and New Zealand.

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“I’ve been eagerly looking forward to playing for my Philippine audience ever since we added Manila to our tour of the Pacific this coming February. So it saddens me to cancel our concert there. I don’t think of my music as being particularly political but sometimes one is called upon to make a political stand,” Taylor said.

“The scourge of addiction is a worldwide problem and does serious harm, not only to the addict but to our society. For a sovereign nation to prosecute and punish, under the law, those responsible for the illegal trade in drugs is, of course, understandable, even commendable,” he continued.

“…but recent reports from the Philippines of summary executions of suspected offenders without trial or judicial process are deeply concerning and unacceptable to anyone who loves the rule of law.”

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Taylor apologized to the fans and ‘friends’ in the Philippines, who have already bought tickets, for the disappointment or inconvenience his decision will cause. But her assures them of a full refund for the tickets.

Lastly, the singer/song writer said his decision to cancel the James Taylor concert in the Philippines will not affect shows scheduled in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.