Published: Sunday 18 June, 2017

Janella Salvador’s Mom Saved from Dugo-Dugo by Alert Kasambahay

It pays to be alert from lawless elements these days because you never know when they’ll attack. Good thing Janella Salvador and her family has an alert kasambahay who foiled an attempt by the dugo-dugo gang recently.

Janella Salvador and mother

Janella Salvador and her mother, Jenine Desiderio. (Instagram/Jenine Desiderio)

Jenine Desiderio, Janella’s mom, relates how two women of the dugo-dugo gang tried to victimize her and her family. Relates Jenine, she was out of town on a taping when members of the dugo-dugo gang called their house and told their kasambahay she was in an accident – the usual line used by these criminals.

Jenine was allegedly in a car accident and needed money to pay for the car she damaged. But when the maid asked to talk to Jenine, she noticed that the woman on the other side of the line didn’t sound like Janella’s mom. And when told that that accident occurred in Quezon City, the maid knew it was a hoax because Jenine was out of town for a taping.

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