Published: Tuesday 10 July, 2018

Jaya Calls Out Elizabeth Ramsey Poser on Twitter: ‘Konting respeto lang po’

Someone is posing as Elizabeth Ramsey on Twitter. Using the handle @endayelizabeth, the Twitter user even uses a photo of the departed singer/comedian. as her profile pic.

Elizabeth Ramsey poser

The fake account of Elizabeth Ramsey on Twitter.

Jaya discovered the Twitter account and, naturally, didn’t like it. On her Twitter account, Jaya called for a little respect for her departed mother.

“Kung sino man ito, sana naman konting respeto lang po. Pumanaw na nanay ko sana di mo naman sya gamitin sa ganitong paraan. God bless you,” wrote Jaya.

But, so far, the poser doesn’t seem to be budging. He/she even changed the account’s name from ‘Mga Bahog Bisong’ to ‘Asias walangTinggil’!

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