Published: Thursday 07 June, 2018

Jeron Teng Breaks His Silence, Issues Statement on How They were Attacked

Four days after being attacked and stabbed in BGC, Jeron Teng has finally broken his silence. In a statement to the Taguig Police, Teng detailed how the group of suspects Edmar Manalo Lacanlale and Williard Basili attacked and stabbed them.

In a written statement, Jeron Teng said his group were on their way home towards the parking lot when the group of Lacanlale and Basili shouted insults at them. Thomas Torres tried to talk to the suspects but Jeron saw him being being up by around six men.

Teng said he tried to interfere but he, too, was beaten up. The Alaska basketball player added that he saw Lacanlale and Balisi stabbing him using a ring knife.

Jeron Teng’s statement was corroborated by companion, Lorenzo Navarro, who said he heard the group of the suspects shouting the word “idol”, then insults followed. When Torres approached the group, he was punched, as well as Teng.

WATCH: Jeron Teng brawl caught on video.

Edmar Manalo Lacanlale and Williard Basili are currently detained at the headquarters of the Taguig Police Station. Charges of frustrated homicide have been filed against them. Several other suspects – companions of Lacanlale and Basili who were also involved in the brawl and stabbing, are still unidentified.

Meanwhile, Jeron Teng is already out of hospital but it will take several weeks of recuperation and rehab before he can fully recover.

Teng received three stab wounds that luckily missed three vital organs. Basketball players Thomas Torres and Norbert Torres (not related), received deep cuts on the arm.