Published: Sunday 28 October, 2018

JM de Guzman & Barbie Imperial ‘Break Up’, Unfollow Each Other: ‘Bye JuanBie’

juanbie breakup

Did JuanBie break up? Is it over for JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial? (ABS CBN)

Is the JuanBie love team over? That’s what it looks like after JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial unfollowed each other on Instagram. Furthermore, JM de Guzman wrote ‘Bye JuanBie’ on his Instagram story but left an ‘I love you’ message.

Did JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial break up? Well, they didn’t confirm that they were on in the first place so, what’s to break up? Maybe, the love team was all for their teleserye and now that it is over, the JuanBie love team is over as well.

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But they looked so ‘real’ during the ABS CBN Ball. JuanBie really looked like a real couple.

On social media, some JuanBie fans are hoping this is just a misunderstanding that can be patched up. They’re not giving up on JuanBie just as yet!

juanbie breakup

UPDATE: Hours after unfollowing each other, JM has followed back Barbie Imperial. But that’s not all, he even posted these via his Instagram stories.

Was it just a joke? A petty quarrel? Or a publicity stung for his movie with Rhian Ramos?



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