Published: Thursday 19 July, 2018

Kris Aquino on Misunderstanding with Noynoy Aquino: ‘Kasalanan ko yun!’

Like other siblings, Kris Aquino and former president Noynoy Aquino don’t see eye to eye in everything. Recently, Kris admitted on social media that she and Noynoy had a misunderstanding.

Kris Aquino Noynoy

Kris Aquino and Noynoy Aquino did not speak to each other for 3 months.

Though the actress did not reveal the reason for the rift, Kris revealed that she and Noynoy did not speak to each other for THREE MONTHS. They’re now OK and it’s all because of Josh.

Kris Aquino’s eldest son, Josh, is currently confined at St. Luke’s Medical Center. In several Instagram posts, the actress is by her son as doctors and nurses attended to him.

One photo shows Noynoy Aquino with Josh.

“i chose to live my life openly- kaya nga maraming pwedeng humusga, pero na bless kasi marami rin ang nagmamahal… with true HUMILITY i will share our story & hope that some of you will learn from our journey,” she wrote in the caption.

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“my brother & i have had a complicated relationship, siguro po kasi only son & middle child sya, bunso ako. Siguro rin kasi aminadong opposites talaga kami- tahimik sya, pribado, iniisip mabuti ang bawat galaw. Alam nyo na kung ano ako.”

Kris then revealed that she and Noynoy had not been ok for the past three months but did not elaborate why.

“Dahil #satruelang, 3 months po kaming hindi okay. Kasalanan ko po yun…”

As a result, it was her sons who suffered. The two boys are close to their uncle, he being the only constant male figure in their life.

“Naipit yung 2 boys ko- alam nilang di okay kaya pinili na wag dumalaw at wag iwan si mama… Ang pinaka nag suffer si kuya josh. Sa bawat pag ospital- si tito Noy was always there.,” she continued.

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“Kinapalan ko po ang mukha ko today- nag text ako. Umamin na alam kong na hurt ko sya pero nakiusap- KAILANGAN sya ni kuya josh. My son needed him- the ONLY constant male figure in his life.”

In her latest post on Josh’s condition, Kris said her son has “EROSIVE ESOPHAGITIS DUE TO SEVERE ACID REFLUX and ULCERS” and will need further treatment and medication.