Published: Monday 05 December, 2016

Kris Aquino Reacts to Leni Robredo’s Resignation

Kris Aquino is a staunch supporter of Leni Robredo. And, after the latter’s resignation today, Kris expressed her views on the issue.

Kris Aquino and leni Robredo

Kris Aquino on leni Robredo. (PHOTO: Kris Aquino Instagram/Facebook

“I’ve purposely kept quiet about political issues BUT for her I will always be ready to make a stand. #LabanLeni,” wrote Kris on Instagram in the caption to a photo with Leni Robredo.

The photo also contains this quote from the vice president: “This is not a time for fear; this is a time for conviction. It’s a time for COURAGE.”

What Kris said is true. She has kept quiet about political issues since PNoy stepped down this year. Knowing Kris, it has not been easy for someon as opinionated as she is. But this time, she chose to break her silence – for the sake of Leni Robredo.

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To say that Kris likes Leni Robredo is an understatement. She admires the vice president. In fact, such is her admiration for the former congresswoman from Naga City that Robredo is the only candidate Kris Aquino campaigned for in the last elections.

Presently embattled because of her resignation and political stand against some President Rodrigo Duterte’s policies, Kris would not let this pass without expressing her support.

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