Published: Tuesday 25 September, 2018

Who Swindled Kris Aquino of Millions? ‘Trusted’ Person Took Money from KCAP

Kris aquino robbed

Kris Aquino robbed of millions by trusted employee! (YouTube/Ariel PH)

Who is this trusted person who swindled Kris Aquino of millions of her hard-earned money? Who is he who subjected Kris to ‘financial abuse & betrayal’ by siphoning off money from Kris Aquino’s production company KCAP (Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions)?

In time, the public will know who he is but for now, Kris chooses refrain from naming him as the legal process is already underway. In her Instagram post, she revealed what she has been going through.

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“In the 6 weeks that i quietly suffered because of financial abuse & betrayal we uncovered being done to me by someone i had complete trust & faith in, not to mention the millions he earned from running KCAP & negotiating my endorsements- the stress, inability to eat & sleep properly caused my weight to drop to under 54 kilos.”

“I apologize to all my endorsements & KCAP brand partners for paying the price of an unhealthy Kris Aquino struggling to again find her inner WARRIOR. I’ve asked 2 BRILLIANT legal minds- Atty Sig Fortun & Atty Florin Hilbay to take charge of my legal team in my quest for JUSTICE.”

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“i shall pray to stop blaming myself for being made a fool of, because it is a life lesson of knowing when & how much to trust,and how to place safeguards to protect myself & my business interests.”

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