Published: Wednesday 24 January, 2018

Krista Ranillo & Husband’s Island Pacific Supermarket in LA Burns Down

Fire destroyed one of the supermarkets of Krista Ranillo and her husband, Nino Lim. The Island Pacific Supermarket branch in South Vermont, Los Angeles burned to the ground on January 10. A report on YouTube said Krista Ranillo and Nino Lim were devastated.

Krista Ranillo husband

Krista Ranillo and husband Nino Lim during their wedding. (Forever True Photography)

The Island Pacific Supermarket in South Vermont, LA is just one of the branches of Lino Lim and Krista Ranillo’s chain of Filipino supermarkets in the USA. But its loss was still a big blow to the couple, not only financially but emotionally as well. In his statement after the fire, Lino said the pain and shock at seeing their customers and staff in tears was hard to bear but he promised to rebuild it from the ashes.

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Here is Nino Lim’s full statement after the fire:

“Nothing was more painful than witnessing the Island Pacific staff in shock and in tears. To all the staff of Island Pacific in Vermont, rest assured that you are not alone in this difficult time, we are all in this together as one family.”

“I also felt the sense of loss of our loyal customers who have supported Island Pacific and have made us apart of their home. I was also deeply moved by the sympathy message I received from many people in our community through text and social media.”

“I have not been able to respond to everyone but please know that I am very grateful for the sense of togetherness and family to our community.”

“The community support that we received is remarkable and we assure everyone that Island Pacific’s resolve has never been greater. With God’s grace, we promise to build out of these ashes a new and better Island Pacific Supermarket.”

According to its website, Island Pacific Supermarket has 24 branches all over the United States catering not only to the Filipino community but to the general public as well. It opened its first branch in March 2000 in Panorama City, California.

Island Pacific Supermarket fire

The Island Pacific Supermarket in South Vermont befor it burned down. (Island Pacific website)