Published: Saturday 09 December, 2017

WATCH Female Shopper Robbed by Salisi Gang Members Caught on Video

Be careful during your Christmas shopping. Salisi gang members are on the prowl in malls, bazaars and other shopping areas this holiday season ready to rob you of your money, gadgets and valuables if given the chance, just as this CCTV video shows.


The victim was surrounded by salisi gang members while shopping at a mall. (Screen grab/Ryan Yan Facebook)

A female shopper at a mall in Binondo fell prey to at least three Salisi gang members who robbed her of her cellphone. What’s amazing was how the Salisi members were able to take the phone unnoticed from the victim’s bag even if it was slung in front of her body!

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Watch how at least three women pretended to shop for bags and cooperated to rob the woman of her phone. It was too late when she noticed that her small bag had already been opened and her gadget was taken by the Salisi members.

Salisi is one of the more common modus operandi of robbers in public places. It involves several members who cooperate either to distract the victim while a cohort robs her. The stolen item(s) are then swiftly passed on to other accomplices at the scene so that it would not be traced and found.

This Christmas season, with shoppers busy with their holiday shopping and errands, Salisi members are all over malls and shopping areas.

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Be careful out there.