Published: Sunday 13 May, 2018

Online Shopper Gets a ROCK Instead of Cellphone Ordered from Lazada!

Stories about online scams are a dime a dozen. Well, add this one to the list: an online shopper at Lazada received a ROCK instead of the mobile phone he ordered. Yes, from Lazada, supposedly one of the more trustworthy online shopping sites in the country!

According to the Facebook post of Ka Bino Guerrero, his brother, Gringo, had always been a loyal Lazada shopper. In the online shopping site’s anniversary last month, dubbed as Lazada’s Birthday Festival, Gringo ordered a flat screen TV, a digital level tool, and an Asus Zenphone.

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When the Zenphone arrived, Gringo Guerrero went to the local LBC branch in Bais City, Negros Oriental to claim and pay for the product since it was COD. After paying P10,000 for his mobile phone, Gringo was about to leave when he noticed that the package was way heavier than he expected. For this reason, he went back to the LBC counter and opened the box. To his shock, and in the presence of LBC staff, what he found inside the package was a ROCK!

Gringo immediately reported the incident to the police upon the advise of the LBC staff who witnessed the whole thing.

rock scam lazada

How on Earth did this rock pass through Lazada’s screening process? (Facebook photo/Ka Bino Guerrero)

According to Ka Bino, Lazada eventually refunded the amount his brother paid for the ROCK!

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It’s really wiser to avail of the COD option for online purchases. I learned this the hard way myself. And from Lazada too! Like Gringo Guerrero, I was a loyal Lazada shopper for several years. But a bad experience last year changed all that and now I only shop via COD.

Yeah, it’s more convenient to charge it all to a credit card, to your PayPal account or pay for it via 711. But after receiving the wrong item and Lazada refused to replace it (as if I was blind who does not know what is a wrong item from a right one), COD is the only option for me.