Published: Friday 06 July, 2018

Liza Diño Wearing Mask During Meeting Clearly Staged Yet Trolls Fell for it

FDCP chairperson Liza Diño is receiving a lot of flak for wearing a face mace during a meeting. Diño has been criticized for being unprofessional but she says it was staged.

Liza dino face mask

Unprofessional, or some netizens just didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘staged’. (Liza Dino/Instagram)

“”Multitasking” while discussing the last agenda of the day. Si Jo Andrew, hindi makatingin. hehehe,” she wrote in the caption.

But netizen @MiaMagdalena disagreed, “Ganito magpameeting si madam. She says it’s multitasking. I call it unprofessional.” 

Well, the minute I saw Diño’s post on Instagram two days ago I knew it was staged. Why else would an intelligent and level-headed woman post such a photo knowing how many trolls are out there just waiting to pounce on anyone’s missteps?

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And yet some netizens still fell for it!

Sometimes, one has to use one’s brain to navigate social media. Don’t take everything at face value. Think first.