Published: Tuesday 23 January, 2018

PHOTOS Liza Soberano DARNA Costume Leaked? Is This the New Darna Look?

What looks like a Darna costume has been posted online. Is this the new Liza Soberano Darna costume that fans are eagerly awaiting to see? The costume ‘leak’ comes from a video by a visual effects company which has done quite h fans of Liza a number of Filipino film projects in the past.

Liza Soberano DARNA

Is this what the Liza Soberano Darna costume will look like? (Facebook screen grab/VFX Productions.)

With fans of Liza Soberano and DARNA aching to get new updates about the upcoming film, many now want to believe visual effects company Mothership, Inc. gave us a glimpse of the Darna costume. 

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Sorry to disappoint Liza’s fans but this is most probably not her Darna costume. For one thing, the clips in Mothership, Inc.’s video is a compilation of some older projects. And, according to, the Darna teaser included in the compilation was originally released in 2015. That was when Angel Locsin was still set to play Darna.

If you will recall, Angel had to beg off from the project for health reasons and Liza Soberano was picked to replace her. That decision was announced only in May 2017. Therefore, while the Darna costume shown in the video may have been correct at the time of its original release, it certainly ISN’T the costume Liza will be wearing.

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Liza Soberano Darna

Liza Soberano modern Darna

For one, the costume in the clip is too revealing for Liza Soberano, and I don’t think her management team, and even Star Cinema, will risk her wholesome image for the project.

The Liza Soberano Darna costume will definitely be a more modern version, but it will also be a more conservative look.

BTW, watch the Mothership, Inc. compilation in full and get a glimpse of how visual effects are done in films.