Published: Friday 08 June, 2018

Lolit Solis Willing to Kiss President Duterte Anytime: “Gusto mo now na?”

Amid the controversy over President Rodrigo Duterte’s kiss in South Korea, showbiz personality Lolit Solis has no qualms admitting that she is willing to kiss the president. In fact, Lolit said she would even brag about it.

Lolit Solis Duterte kiss

Lolit Solis willing to kiss Duterte (but does the president feel the same way?)

“Bakit hindi?” Lolit Solis replied when asked by Inquirer Bandera columnist Jun Nardo if she would be willing to kiss Duterte. “Ikaw pa Presidente iyon noh. Ipagmamalaki ko pa. Ha-hahaha! Gusto mo now na?”

Many raised eyebrows over the president’s kiss. Despite his assurance that there was no malice in it, many Filipinos, mostly women, expressed their disgust on what they call Duterte’s continued disrespect of women and women’s rights.

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But as Lolit Solis shows, if there are many against it, there are also many who find nothing wrong with it.