Published: Saturday 24 June, 2017

LOOK Beggar Refused Entry at McDo, Buys Food at Jollibee Instead

This story should be an eye opener for many of us who discriminated against the marginalized members of our society. A beggar was refused entry at a local McDonalds store most probably because of his appearance and status. The poor man just wanted to buy food just like everyone else. So, he went to Jollibee instead where he was welcomed like a customer should be.

Beggar at McDonalds

The beggar trying to enter McDonalds to buy food but the guard would not let him in. (Facebook photo/Vilma Nikki Dunn)

The story comes from a Facebook entry of Vilma Nikki Dunn who posted a video of the poor disabled beggar trying to enter the McDonalds store at McArthur corner Fields Avenue. Despite his pleadings, the McDonalds security guard refused to let him him in.

According to Vilma Nikki Dunn, the beggar even gestured that he wanted to buy food at the counter but his pleading came on deaf ears. The guard even mocked the poor man, according to Dunn.

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The beggar gave up and walked away. He then went to a nearby Jollibee store where, as Dunn observed, the staff was more welcoming and even helped the beggar with his loose change.