Published: Wednesday 28 December, 2016

LOOK Duterte ‘Tatlumputanginang Piso’ 30-Peso Bill Goes Viral

Duterte fans have been suggesting that a peso bill in his honor should be made by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Well, that wish has just been granted. Sort of.

Tatlumputanginang Piso

Duterte tatlumputanginang piso. bill. (PHOTO: Facebook/President Duterte Supporters)

Check out the Duterte ‘Tatlumputanginang Piso’ 30-peso bill bearing his picture. The fake Duterte bill surfaced on social media recently and is now going viral.

Anti-Duterte supporters think its the correct representation of the president, especially the ‘tatlumputanginang piso’ part. The photo of the president used in the 30-peso bill isn’t flattering as well.

Duterte fans, on the other hand, think it’s a good idea to have the president immortalized in a Philippine peso bill. However, they want the Duterte bill to be of a higher denomination. Some are suggesting that the P1,000 bill should be just right while others suggest a higher banknote would be more appropriate. Still, there are suggestions that Duterte should replace the Aquinos in the P500 banknote.

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A better photo of Digong should also be used.

“Pambihira sino ba yang gumawa ng picture nya bakit yan ang pinili? Ang daming pictures na ang gwapo nya tapos yan pa. Wag sa 30 dapat nasa five hundred tanggalin mukha nong mga Aquino,” wrote April Joyce Placido.

“Maraming pic ang Pangulo natin na pogi sya , bakit naka nganga PA ,,ayyyy ambot sa imo cameraman , ayaw ko Nyan Ehehe ,parang ginawa mo pang comedian ang mahal nating Pangulo , adminnnnn galit ako sa yoooo!!! posted Facebook user Catherine Amores Horimoto.

The origin of the ‘tatlumputanginang piso’ is unknown but it is proving to be quite popular as thousands have already shared the photos.

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