Published: Sunday 12 August, 2018

LOOK Gumaca, Quezon Residents Take ‘Free’ Bottles of Emperador After Truck Mishap

gumaca quezon

Residents of Gumaca, Quezon help themselves to ‘free’ bottles of Emperador brandy. (Facebook/Reymar John Jordan)

While it was raining hard in Metro Manila, it was ‘raining’ Emperador in Gumaca, Quezon. Bottles of Emperador Light brandy spilled on the Gumaca highway after a delivery truck mishap and residents swarmed the area to take their ‘free’ liquor!

Of course, it wasn’t free. They were practically stealing it but no one could stop the mob of residents as they partook of the free Emperador Light. They may not have realized that the delivery driver may be asked to pay for the losses.

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According to reports, the delivery truck was on its way to Bicol on Sunday morning when its side panels accidentally opened as it avoided another vehicle in Batangay Hagakhakan.

Boxes of Emperador brandy spilled on the road and, as word got around of the mishap, residents arrived not to help but to help themselves to the bottles of brandy!

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