Published: Tuesday 13 June, 2017

LOOK Kris Aquino Photoshops Picture to Look Slimmer But Fails

Editing photos for Instagram is nothing new. ‘Photoshopping’, air brushing, stretching, etc.. many celebrities do this to look better for their followers. And, apparently, so does Kris Aquino. However, Kris’ latest attempt to look slimmer on Instagram failed.

Kris Aquino

The unedited photo of Kris Aquino and Darla Sauler. (Instagram/Kris Aquino)

Posing with Darla Sauler with her pink front door as the backdrop, Kris overdid the stretching and failed. The editing became obvious when the vertical lines of her front door became distorted. #photoshopfail

The photo has since been taken down.

Kris Aquino photoshop

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