Published: Sunday 01 July, 2018

LOOK Maine Mendoza on the Cover of MEGA Magazine for July 2018 Issue

Look who’s back on the cover of MEGA Magazine. It’s Maine Mendoza for the July 2018 issue. For sure, this will be another sold out issue for MEGA. That’s what always happens when they put Main on the cover.#MaineMendozaMEGACelebration

Manie Mendoza MEGA cover

Another sold out issue for MEGA magazine for sure. (Mega Magazine Facebook)

“Ever since breaking out into the mainstream some three years ago, Maine Mendoza has since come fully into her own,” says MEGA.

“No longer overshadowed by a fictional caricature of a character, we now get to see the real woman behind the phenomenon.”

“Driven, down-to-Earth and daring, Maine Mendoza proves that the way to success isn’t just a one-of thing. For her, she is merely defining that path on her own time and terms.”

maine Mendoza MEGA cover

Gorgeous Maine Mendoza on the MEGA July 2018 cover. (Mega Magazine/Facebook)


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