Published: Friday 06 July, 2018

LOOK Rina Navarro Accused of Stealing Someone’s Boyfriend Too 5 Years Ago!

The accuser has become an accused as well. A woman named Gina Magat has accused Rina Navarro of stealing her boyfriend five years ago, the same kind of accusation Rina is hurling against Ara Mina!

Gina Magat Rina Navarro

Gina Magat said Rina Navarro stole my boyfriend too! (Facebook/Rina Navarro/Gina Magat)

Gina Magat has come forward amid Rina Navarro’s continued pronouncements against Ara Mina, who had a affair with the former’s fiance, Undersecretary Dave Almarinez.

But Magat says it is all KARMA because Rina also did the same thing to her.

In an exclusive statement to PEP, Gina Magat said it all began five years ago.

“What happened to Rina Navarro was the same scenario I had 5 years ago. That girl, Rina, had an affair with my fiancé and I just gave birth that time. I guess Karma is slowly consuming her.
Tell her to stop acting like a victim. Her IG post was moving, but it won’t erase the fact that she did the same way to me like Ara Mina. Just sharing,” Magat wrote to PEP, after which an exclusive interview was set up.

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Gina Magat said Rina was meeting her fiance for business purposes five years ago. Her fiance was the boss of Rina’s former husband, now deceased.

But Gina alleges that Rina eventually had a affair with her fiance.

“They were having a meeting about business. That was the time na she was planning on making a movie or a short film about her late husband,” Magat told PEP.

“And then, yun, pinuntahan ko sila dun sa resto. And then, sabi ko dun sa ex ko, ‘Akala ko magmi-meeting ka about office, about work?’”

“Tapos, I asked her na, ‘Is this a meeting?’” she continued.

“‘I noticed then na ang close nila. ‘Tapos parang may physical contact, like, nag-lean sa balikat siya. Tapos the way they talked, sobrang close yung face nila, kasi magkatabi sila. Tapos sabi niya, ‘We’re just friends.’ Gumanun siya, ‘We’re just close.’

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Magat said Rina Navarro tried to befriend her after wards. But later, when her boyfriend decided to leave her, Gina alleges that he and Rina rented a condo together in Quezon City.

She said her fiance eventually came back to her.

“Karma. Oo, karma,” Gina Magat said, referring to Rina Navarro. “Parang kung di ko man siya nakarma before, pero slowly, ito na.”

“Parang gusto ko sabihin, ‘E, yun ang ginawa mo sa akin dati. So, anong karapatan mong mag-play as a victim diyan ngayon when gawain mo iyan?’