Published: Tuesday 28 November, 2017

WATCH Another LRT Train Running with Doors Open Caught on Video

Another incident of an LRT train with its doors open has been caught on video. The incident happened Monday night along Taft Avenue and was caught on video by LRT passenger Jason Ibe.

LRT doors open

An LRT train running with its doors open. (Jason Ibe/Facebook)

This is not the first time an LRT train ran with its doors open. A previous incident was blamed on faulty sensors and so is this one. According to the MRT management, if the sensor of the door was functioning properly, the train would not run.

The damaged sensor was blamed on passenger ‘tampering’.

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According to an LRT official interviewed by CNN Philippines, when the doors opened at Vito Cruz station, one of them was delayed. The door was tampered with thus damaging the sensor, reason for it not to close.

The video of Jason Ibe has gone viral on social media after it was posted Monday night. According to Ibe, the incident occurred around 6:53 PM at Taft Avenue Station until the Quirino Station. When concerned passengers brought it to the LRT’s attention, a maintenance crew fixed the door temporarily and closed it. It did not open at subsequent stations.

The incident is an isolated one compared to the technical problems the MRT suffers from on a daily basis.

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