Published: Sunday 28 January, 2018

LTFRB Clarifies Grab & Uber Hatchbacks Policy for TNVS: Which are Banned?

Hatchbacks can be used for TNVS. This is the clarification of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) on Friday. Hatchbacks can still be used for Grab and Uber provided that they meet certain requirements.

Hatchbacks TNVS Grab Uber

Which hatchbacks are banned and which are allowed? The LTFRB finally calrifies TNVS policy. (Image via CarBay)

Ever since it  was announced that hatchback cars would be banned by the LTFRB starting March 2018, there has been some confusion on how it was going to be implemented. Some reports said hatchbacks below 1200 cc would be banned while other reports said it is actually 1200 cc and below.

On Friday, the LTFRB clarified the policy once and for all during its press conference announcing the opening of new applications for TNVS. According the announcement, hatchbacks will be allowed provided they meet the following.

LTFRB Hatckbacks Requirements for TNVS:

Piston displacement of not less than 1200 cc;
Overall length: 3,990 mm;
Overall width: 1,635 mm;
Overall height: 1,455 mm;
Wheelbase: 2,450 mm.