Published: Friday 17 August, 2018

VIDEO Magallanes Village Resident’s Wife & Bodyguards Hitting Traffic Enforcers

Magallanes road rage video

Magallanes resident Arnold Padilla, wife Glocel Razon & their bodyguards caught on video in this incident with traffic enforcers. (YouTUbe/GMA news)

Magallanes Village Road Rage – A resident of an exclusive Makati subdivision, his wife and their bodyguards are under investigation after CCTV videos caught them in an altercation with Makati traffic aides. Identified as Arnold Padilla, his wife Glocel Razon and their bodyguards, they are now being investigated by Makati police.

The altercation started when Padilla’s convoy beat a red light at the gate of Magallanes Village on Monday, August 13, at around 1:00 PM. CCTV video showed them being flagged down by traffic aides. But, according to the traffic aide, the backseat occupant of the black Mercedes Benz started curing at him. He was later identified as Arnold Padilla.

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The now viral video then shows the traffic aide motioning them forward, letting them go without a violation. 

But the CCTV video then shows Padilla’s wife, identified as Glocel Razon, getting down from the car and talking to the traffic aide. The latter said Razon started cursing at him.

Next, the couple’s bodyguards in the SUV can be seen going down from their vehicle and approach the enforcers. One of the men punched a traffic enforcer while Glocel Razon can be seen slapping another traffic aide on the neck.

According to GMA News, this is not the first incident in the police blotter involving the Padilla couple and their bodyguards, who have been described as ‘trouble makers’ in the area.

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