Published: Sunday 07 January, 2018

Maltreated OFW from Jordan Shows Scars of Abuse from Female Employer

Before and after photos of overseas Filipino worker Victoria Perdagorda show how much she suffered in the hands of her employer. The 43-year old OFW finally came home after two years in Jordan after months of physical abuse that left her almost unrecognizable.

Maltreated OFW Victoria Perdagorda

Maltreated OFW Victoria Perdagorda then and now. (GMA Network/YouTube screen grab

The domestic helper left for Jordan in 2015. At first, Victoria Perdagorda told GMA News that she had no problem with her employer. She was being treated well. But months into her job, the maltreatment began.

It started with slaps and punches but later, these escalated into more violent blows to her body. The wife of her employer would hit her with wire hangers on her head, her back and all over her body until she bled. Perdagorda also experienced being doused with hot water.

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“Una pasampal-sampal muna, paduro-duro, mga mangangalahating taon na ‘yan na, nag-umpisa na sa bakal. Yung wire na pang antena hinahampas sa likod ko, tapos hanger na bakal ihahamapas sa ulo, sa likod ko hanggang sa dumugo,” related Victoria Perdagorda.

The OFW said she tried to leave but her employer warned her that if she did, she would alert the police and file made-up complaints. Her employer also took her cellphone so she could not ask anyone for help.

Perdagorda was finally able to go home when her male employer arrived home one day and found her unconscious from the abuse. He bought a plane ticket for her and sent her home.

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Victoria Perdagorda is now seeking medical treatment and justice with the help of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

According to GMA News, OWWA tried to contact her recruitment agency but it has now ceased operations.