Published: Tuesday 11 September, 2018

Netizen’s ‘Malunggay Portraits’ Jessica Soho, Ed Sheeran, Jose Mari Chan Go Viral

malunggay portrait

Jessica Soho in malunggay! (MM Dacanay/GMA)

A set of portraits made by Mary Mae Dacanay have gone viral. Aside from their exemplary execution, the portraits possess a unique feature – they’re made of malunggay! Yes, malunggay the vegetable. Dacanay used thousands of malunggay leaves for every portrait, and the results are amazing!

Among the portraits MM Dacanay of Binan, Laguna made were Jessica Soho, Jose Mari Chan, Ed Sheeran and Korean heartthrob Song Jong Ki.

According to Dacanay, she decided to use malunggay because it is cheap and readily available, and the results speak for itself.

One problem though, malunggay leaves wilt and dry so the portraits don’t last.

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Malunggay Art by MM Dacanay

malunggay art

malunggay art jose mari chan

malunggay art song jong ki