Published: Friday 27 July, 2018

Marco Gallo Leaving Showbiz: PBB Star Going Back to Italy to Continue Studies

Marco gallo leaving showbiz

Goodbye to showbiz for good? (ABS CBN)

Marco Gallo is saying goodbye to showbiz! That’s right, Marco is leaving the Philippines and going back to Italy to continue his studies.

Marco hasn’t formally said goodbye yet but he has hinted about leaving show business on social media. In a recent post Instagram post, the actor who became popular on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) mentioned his ‘last job’.

“I’m glad that I accepted my last job (familia blandina) cuz if I didn’t I wouldn’t have met this beautiful too, it hurts me not seeing you for a long time, but that’s why they created phones right? Thanks FaceTime haha love you babygirl and littlebruh. Take care of your sister and ur mom ah!” Marco Gallo wrote in the caption of photos with child star Xia Vior and her brother.

In another post, this time by a fan, she said confirmed that Marco will be continuing his studies in Italy.

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“This picture was taken last year. Since you will be back in Italy for school. We wish you the best. This will not be a goodbye. It will be a start of a new journey as you tackle a new path.Good luck! God bless you!”

Will Marco Gallo come back after finishing his studies?