Published: Tuesday 28 November, 2017

Maria Isabel Lopez License Canceled by LTO: Too Harsh, or Not Enough?

The cancellation of Maria Isabel Lopez’s driver’s license yesterday was greeted quietly by netizens as everybody was still caught up with Miss Universe 2017 and Rachel Peters’ dashed chance to win the crown for the Philippines. But once the dust settled, reactions to Lopez’s fate started to pour in on social media.

Maria Isabel Lopez

The cancellation of Maria Isabel Lopez ‘s driver’s license was just right! (Facebook Image/Maria Isabel Lopez)

It was ironic how news about Maria Isabel Lopez came out on the same day as the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. Lopez, of course, was a Miss Universe contestant some years back. She represented the Philippines in Miss Universe 1982 in Lima, Peru.

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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) cancelled Lopez’s license and barred her from reapplying for two years after breaking the VIP security cordon along EDSA and driving in the exclusive ASEAN lanes during the ASEAN Summit two weeks ago. She even bragged about it on social media by posting a photo of herself driving on EDSA and taunting the traffic enforcers. Unwittingly, Maria Isabel provided the authorities with the evidence to prosecute her.

Aside from the cancellation of her driver’s license, Maria Isabel Lopez was also fined P8,000 for violating the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, disregarding traffic signs, and reckless driving.

But is her penalty too harsh? Would a fine have sufficed? This is what her lawyer and Lopez’s friends are saying. However, netizens think otherwise. In fact, a majority of netizens say the penalty is just right or even not enough.

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Maria Isabel Lopez violated the law. What’s worse, she bragged about it on social media and taunted the authorities for not catching her. She should be taught a lesson! And be made an example of to discourage others to do the same.

As a public figure, Lopez should have acted responsibly. Instead, however, she did the opposite and should pay the price of her actions.