Published: Friday 14 September, 2018

WATCH Marikina Tornado Caught on Video, Causes Damage & Disrupts Wedding!

tornado marikina ipo ipo

Small tornado in Marikina in Friday. (John Clyde Palacios/Twitter)

A small tornado, or whirlwind, struck Marikina City earlier today. While the tornado only lasted for a few seconds, it caused some damage to a number of buildings and establishments. The ‘ipo ipo’ also disrupted a wedding! Videos of the tornado are posted below.

The whirlwind, or ipo-ipo, was felt in only certain parts of Marikina City. Roofs were torn and a number of trees were uprooted. The small tornado also caused damage to some power lines and, as a result, some areas are experiencing brownout until this time.

One video posted on social media shows a wedding reception during the tornado. Everything was going fine as the bride and groom entered the hall but suddenly the howling wind can be heard in the background prompting the couple and their guests to stop what they were doing. Then, the lights went out and the wind got stronger as screams can be heard in the background.

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