Published: Friday 20 April, 2018

WATCH Alleged Mark Bautista Scandal Video Uploaded on Facebook Just a Teaser

Is this Mark Bautista in this scandal video? A guy who resembled Mark Bautista can be seen nude inside a bathroom walking towards the camera. However, the video has been edited and “Mark’s” private parts have been covered.

The alleged scandal video was upload on Facebook by someone using the handle Dear Besh. And, according to him/her, this video is just a teaser meaning we may yet see Mark Bautista’s alleged nude video in full and unedited.

As of the moment, some netizens have asked where to download Mark’s video in full. 

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Though the guy in the video resembles Mark Bautista, some said he may just be a look-alike. What do you think?

Meanwhile, we await what Dear Besh will unravel soon.

Watch the alleged Mark Bautista scandal video below: