Published: Tuesday 08 May, 2018

LOOK Mark Cardona Mug Shot as Ex-PBA Player is Booked for Stabbing GF

Former professional basketball player Mark Cardona’s mug shot was taken Monday after he was formally booked for stabbing Bianca Jackes. Aside from the mug shot, Cardona’s fingerprints were taken at the Makati City Hall as charges were filed against him.

It was early Saturday morning when Mark Cardona went to the condo unit of Bianca Jackes and their two kids. Carry a bladed weapon, Cardona reportedly wanted to reconcile with Jackes but the later refused.

According to the police, Mark Cardona told Bianca that he would stab himself if she refused to get back together and, as Jackes tried to calm him down, it was she who was stabbed.

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In her statement at the hospital, Bianca Jackes said Cardona was high on drugs at the time.

Charges of attempted homicide and violation of the Anti-violence Against Women and Their Children Act will were filed against Mark Cardona.

Meanwhile, a report on State of the Nation said Cardona and Jackes’ children have been traumatized by what happened. The two kids had been crying ever since they saw their father being arrested on TV.