Published: Friday 20 April, 2018

Mark Herras Scandal Video Reposted After 12 Years, Wynwin Marquez ‘Affected’

Remember the Mark Herras scandal that became viral 12 years ago? Well, it’s back on the internet after someone reposted it. Now, scandal video is viral once again and Mark Herras says his girlfriend, Wynwin Marquez, is ‘affected’ by the controversy.

The Mark Herras scandal gripped local social media 12 years ago when someone posted a video and photos of the actor in various stages of undress and ‘self gratification’.

Mark Herras scandal video backgrounder:

Allegedly, Mark was engaged in a video chat and voluntarily ‘performed’ online. Unfortunately for him, the other party recorded everything!

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What’s worse, the other part was reportedly a man, a Korean guy (if I’m not mistaken)!

Back then, there were questions about the authenticity of the scandal video. Some said it wasn’t Mark Herras. It was just a look-alike. However, eagle-eyed netizens quickly pointed out that guy in the video was inside a room with red walls, which is similar to Mark Herras’ bedroom featured in a TV program earlier that year.

Mark Herras bedroom

The red walls of Mark Herras’ bedroom as featured on Powerhouse by GMA Network. (YouTube screen grab/GMA Network)

Back to the present, Herras is wondering (and most probably angry) at why the video has resurfaced. And what is the motive behind it. Interviewed by PEP, Mark Herras said he has moved on from the scandal and it is puzzling why someone would want to revive it.

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Well, as they say, once something has been posted online, it will remain there for all eternity. Especially scandal videos of celebrities.

In the same interview, Mark said his girlfriend, Wynwin Marquez, has been greatly affected. Netizens have been tagging her about the video on social media and she is hurting. 

Amid all these, Mark Herras is asking for respect. If not for him, then for Wynwin who doesn’t deserve this controversy.