Published: Tuesday 20 December, 2016

McDonald’s Ad Revisits ‘The Boy Who Loves to Study’, Daniel Cabrera

A recent online ad by McDonald’s Philippines revisited Daniel Cabrera of Cebu, ‘The Boy Who Loves to Study’.

The Boy Who Loves to Study

Daniel Cabrera, the boy who loves to study. (PHOTO: Joyce Torrefranca/Facebook)

A photo of Daniel Cabrera went viral last year after netizens were touched at his determination to study despite the hardship. Dubbed as ‘the boy who loves to study’, Daniel was pictured doing his homework on the street under the light of a local McDonald’s store.

According to his mom, Cabrera was diligently goes to school and is determined to finish his studies to live his family from poverty. He wants to be a policeman someday. Hence, he would go to the local branch of McDonald’s in Cebu do his homework under the lights of the store every night.

A Cebu Doctors’ University student, Joyce Torrefranca, chanced upon Daniel doing his homework one night and was touched by what she saw. She snapped his photo and posted it on social media. The rest is history.

So many good things have happened to Daniel and his family. Donations poured in from all over the world from people they don’t know. People who read Daniel’s story on Facebook. People who saw ‘the boy who loves to study’ featured in news programs all over the world.

Daniel Cabrera is now in Grade 3 and is in the Top 10 of his class. He now receives an allowance from McDonald’s which, his mother says, will last him until he finishes high school.

As for Joyce Torrefranca, she has since graduated from college and went home to her hometown in Leyte.

Daniel and Joyce had not seen each other since that photo of ‘the boy who wants to study’ went viral. McDonald’s found a way to bring them together, and for Daniel to thanks Joyce once again.