Published: Saturday 03 June, 2017

‘Meteotsunami’: Rare Mini Tsunami in the Netherlands Caught on Video

A rare seven-foot tidal wave sweeping a beach in the Netherlands has been caught on video. The phenomenon is so rare that this is reportedly the first time one has been caught on film.

mini tsunami

The meteo tsunami caught on video in the Netherlands. (YouTube)

The mini tsunami was filmed on the coast of Zandvoort. Video taken from a balcony showed the 7-foot tsunami sweeping the beaches below as a man’s voice in the background shouted ‘tsunami’ several times. No deaths or injuries were reported by there was some damage.

The phenomenon is called a meteorological tsunami, or meteotsunami, as it is caused by the weather unlike regular tsunamis that are geological in origin. Meteotsunamis, according to MailOnline, are generated when rapid changes in atmospheric pressure cause the displacement of a body of water. Tey are often precursors to thunderstorms.

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‘Most tsunamis are geological, where you have a vertical movement on the seabed which can be caused by an earthquake, like in Japan in 2011, or a landslide,” said Professor David Tappin of the British Geological Survey, as quoted by MailOnline.

‘Meteotsunamis, however, are created by weather. You need a small, rapid change in atmospheric pressure of just a few millibars, if you get one of these then it can change the sea surface elevation by a few centimeters.’