Published: Thursday 22 December, 2016

WATCH Mexico Fireworks Market Explosion Caught on Video, 29 Killed

An explosion and huge fire at a fireworks market in Mexico has killed dozens and injured dozens more.

Mexico fireworks explosion

A passing driver caught the Mexico fireworks explosion on video. (PHOTO: Screen grab from Jose Luis Tolentino video)

A Mexico fireworks market in Tultepec just outside of Mexico City exploded, killing 29 people and injuring more than 70 others. Many of the injured are children selling fireworks for the New Year.

The fireworks market explosion was caught on video by a passing driver. Huge plumes of thick smoke can be seen as the estimated 300 tons of fireworks in the market exploded and burned. Some fireworks can be seen rocketing into the air and exploding. People can be seen running away.

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Dozens of paramedics and emergency personnel, including members of the military responded to the scene.

According to media reports, some of the injured suffered burns to more than 90% of their body and had to be airlifted to Galveston, Texas for specialized medical treatment. The dead, meanwhile, were so burned that DNA testing would be required to properly identify the victims.

The cause of the explosion is yet unknown. It may have been an accident but investigators are not ruling out that it may have been deliberate.

People in neighboring towns said they felt the ground tremble as the fireworks exploded.
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The town of Tultepec is known for for its pyrotechnics industry and, with the popularity of fireworks among Mexicans, the San Pablito market packed with buyers stocking for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.